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9 Incredible Benefits To Choose Amaazia Club for your D-Day

 26 Jun 2019

Tired of the same old venues that are popular for weddings? Infuse some novelty into your exclusive nuptials this year by hosting it at a spanking and the most elegant theme based luxurious family club in your own city. Even if you are planning to have a destination wedding then also Amaazia Club is the right choice for your big day. Isn’t it amazing if you get everything handy just under one roof and just enjoy the beautiful moments on your big day?
A perfect destination for all your special occasions of life which is Gujarat’s first and only premium brand offering a wide range of amenities.
Check out our incredible benefits of choosing the Amaazia club that offers Spectacular  Banquet hall (Casa Royale) for the perfect backdrop to your“I DO”.

1.Theme Based Club and Elegant Ambiance

With stunning views of the city's glittering lights on one side and the magnificent expanse to celebrate life’s biggest day at Amaazia Club which has Spanish theme based royal ambiance to make you believe and truly live in the moment with your family. Nothing can get better than hosting your big fat wedding functions at the luxurious club which has a state-of-the-art infrastructure that will definitely leave your guests impressed at its first glance. The luxurious and attractive masterpieces enhance the royalty of the banquet hall.  It creates a magical atmosphere for any occasion. It is exclusively carved with every possible detail to lift up your mood to celebrate life’s special moments. If you're looking for features like contemporary, chic, stylish and luxurious in your wedding venue, then La Casa Lucido club is the one for you.

Whether you are planning a lavish wedding or a small intimate affair, the Amaazia club has a choice of banquet halls you can select from.
2. Parking Facility
Parking is the most important criteria as it is the first impression for the guests you invite to attend your wedding function. We at the Amaazia club have taken into consideration that your impression is ours.  As our parking is spacious and equipped with the latest technology.

3. Casa Royal Banquet Hall

Casa Royal is divided into three sections like the pre-function area, function area, and family dining area, this is what makes the Amaazia club banquet hall stands out as compared to other banquet halls in Gujarat. La Casa Lucido’s casa Royal banquet makes life a little more amorous with beautifully carved pre-function area for special occasions. It can accommodate up to 600 guests. With a separate entrance to the banquet hall makes it an ideal location for a baraat’s grand entry. Space and beautiful architecture feature lush classical elements twilling together romance and elegance.

 4. Casa Gold Banquet hall

Celebrate Baby Showers, birthday bashes, graduation parties, anniversaries, and many more. This venue will surely inspire those looking for innovation within the city. The opulent Casa Gold banquet hall which is richly carpeted in vibrant colors with polished vintage chandeliers and cream walls is perfectly suited for intimate wedding functions.

 We offer everything you need to make your big day an affair to remember…...
5. Casa Platinum (Multi Purpose Hall)

It is a discotheque and a multi-purpose hall with an extravagant ambiance to organize a perfect program like sangeet, bachelor party and much more to have a truly unforgettable memory. Bold and glittery colors, unique artsy props and an artist vibe suffused the evening with your loved ones. In addition, the music system is powered by Harman Kardon which is imported from the USA. An LED illuminated dance floor where you don’t want to stop dancing. Throw the most epic bachelor or sangeet party ever at the multi-purpose hall of the Amaazia LCL club.

 6. Workforce Management
With the honors and awards we have won, rest assured that our team can add just the class to your wedding ceremony. So we have built a team of management to take all that off your mind. Be it mehendi, sangeet, wedding ceremony or the reception, all you need to do is talk to our wedding manager and let them help you weave the fairytale for your loved one. Amaazia La Casa Lucido is listed in the top club in Surat, not because of its luxury but due to its management team who keep themselves updated with the latest trends, treat your guests with great hospitality, and above all make you feel awe at every moment.

 7. Catering Service

We take great pride in providing exceptional food and drink service and atmosphere. We offer many services to make wedding receptions special, such as distinctive menus, unique ice carvings, beautiful floral displays, and dramatic lighting. It’s your wedding functions and our opportunity to impress you.  

 8. Customized Decoration
Eat, drink, and celebrate to the fullest in one of our breathtaking banquet halls. No matter what will be your preferences, we will take care of everything from the mouth-watering menu to the decoration. With Indian wedding decor becoming quirkier, more whimsical, interesting and creative; there is no stopping when it comes to experimenting with different elements of it. One such element which has caught everyone’s attention over a period of time is table centerpieces. Gone are the days when candles and flower bouquets were the heroes in this domain!!

  9. Convenient Location
A wedding is synonymous with starting a fresh chapter in your life, marking a new beginning in your life. At this important juncture, you definitely don’t want to mess up with the tiniest element revolving around your wedding preparations. When it comes to planning and preps, the first step is selecting an ideal wedding venue. A variety of factors have to be taken into consideration before zeroing-in on your venue- the location, whether it matches your guest list, the aesthetic appeal and providing excellent services.  Amaazia family club fulfills all your requirements pertaining to the location and other facilities are rarely together possible.
What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when booking a wedding banquet hall? The location? The ambiance? The setting? How inexpensive or pricey will a good looking marriage hall be? Should you opt for a luxurious club or an open lawn? Though the questions and concerns may be endless with most of them being crucial decision-making points, choosing just a good looking banquet hall is not enough.
With the Amaazia club membership, you can avail of all these benefits whether it is a wedding or any small party of both the clubs La Casa Lucido and La Classico.
Getting answers to these crucial queries will narrow down your search and help you find your dream venue. For the ones who are specifically scouting popular banquet halls in Surat, we save you from the tedious leg-work with our list of 10 incredible benefits of choosing the Amaazia club for your D-Day.