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Our Game zone gives you exclusive technological playing devices including motion simulators and arcades that will enhance members to experience fun, thrill and adventure.

The vigorous, Motion Simulators featuring:

  • Motion
  • Velocity
  • Vibration

Get engrossed in our UV-Lit alley and future based sci-fi galaxy theme where you can forget all your plague and relax.


Master to play Pool and Snooker at LCL club with the clean break tips and target the aim line to give your best shot.


To an ever-growing number of foosball enthusiasts, it has evolved into an amazing game on its own.


Smash Cricket bowling action is precisely synchronized with our high-tech bowling machine and the world’s only virtual 360 simulator which delivers the ball at the exact split second.


Crazy yet fun zone to bring out the best performance in your kid and exhibit his skills with Bumper cars at LCL.


Perfect place for ganging up with your pals to play Table Tennis and give your winning performance at LCL club.


Air hockey is an interesting game and LCL provides you the platform to enhance your skills and bring out a champion in you.