Kids Play Area

Kids Play Area

Kids have curiosity, creativity, and they love to get bumps here and there. And we love to see them try so many different things. La Casa Lucido provides many places to let your kids learn and demonstrate their creativity and joy to you to watch them.

Kids are the most innocent and playful creatures yet wild and free. To let them express themselves and have fun, La Casa Lucido has an attractive, exciting and fun filled Kids Zone with a variety of games and activities for kids.

  • Space to Discover Fun
  • Place to Create Memories
  • Platform for Kids to Enjoy
  • Theme Parties & Gifts

This is ultimate kid’s dreamland filled with fun colorful areas.


Amaazia La Casa Lucido kid’s play area is a fantasy Of Jungle theme indoor play area.


This new children’s play area has fun games, activities which are truly amazing to make them learn new things by providing such platforms from the small age.