Casa Gold

Casa Gold

Casa Gold is one of the spectacular Banquet Hall in Surat to have lavish celebration on a grand scale – we offer you an exquisite atmosphere for events of any kind at the Amaazia LCL club.


A beautiful looking dining setting to greet guests and enjoy dinner with family at Casa Royal Banquet hall only at Amaazia LCL club.


Antique mirrors are great wall pieces and the lights which sparkles like fireworks on it is so mesmerizing to pass by it.


Casa Gold banquet hall has a royal entrance door which is beautifully crafted with a Spanish touch.


The welcoming lobby area which is a symbol of an exceptional interior at Amaazia La Casa Lucido banquet hall Surat.

Banquet Bookings: +91 83470 15553

Contact Person: Ms. Mamta Valvi