Amazing Amaazia is The Perfect One Day Picnic Spot


After those tiring days of work through the week, most of you might be searching for that one day picnic spot near Surat. As we know Surat is one of the most sought city after Ahmadabad to explore its various destinations. There are a lot of weekend places where you would want to spend some awesome time with your family. For those of you who are short on time, and high on some thrilling adventures then you have landed up just on the right place. We bring to you one of the most amazing picnic spot offering you adventurous and fun water rides at the same time very pocket friendly. As we know that usually break is a must for those of you who go for job or business spending some quality time with your family is important.


The loudest, craziest, and the most amazing part of the Surat city is spread over sixteen acres of land and is a great place to go to for one day picnic resort. This simply is not just a water-park , but a world of breath-taking charm. It’s a place to celebrate the smaller moments and share big wonders. This Amusement park has an array of interesting water rides to enjoy. You have rides that bring thrills, rides that will make you scream at the top of your lungs, and rides that zip, zap, and zoom. Those looking for something less exciting can enjoy the fun rides at the Amaazia Water Park. Featuring water slides, a rain dance area, this place is everything that a water lover wants to explore and have a good time. People who don’t want to go out of Surat for them this adventure park is the best place to explore.


Once you enter to the park till the time you are there not a single minute you will feel bored in fact every corner has something amazing to offer you which is beyond your imagination. There are adventurous rides, fun rides and also rides for the kids above four years. To enjoy all the rides to the fullest get your swimwear which is only pure Lycra, polyester or Nylon skin fit which will slide easily on the water-rides. The favourite place of all age group is Rain mist as the name suggest the thrill pours on you with the heart joy full of rhythmic beats. Don’t forget to capture your memories with an exclusive rides photo of your experience at the  Water Park. Take home the ultimate souvenir of your day printed on a range of products including key rings, caps, t-shirts and much more. Treat yourself to a snack or a meal that will leave you filled or craving for more. Best place to sit and enjoy food after lot of anxiety, laughter and fun. A majestic feast that is mouth-watering, scrumptiously, deliciously, yummy that will make your insides happy. Amaazia is also coming up with different projects like Theme park and Retail.


It’s a high energy entertainment amusement park in Surat. Amaazia Water-park has an inclusive of adult and kid-friendly rides.They have specially designed toddler ride which is ponds of life so that he can also find his place for enjoyment. It has, Carnival beach which will is the dream world where you will feel like having fun in an ocean full of waves and tides. It is the only go to destination and the perfect family place to spend 1-day trip at water-park.

India’s first indoor theme park in brand association with Cartoon Network is coming soon. They are also making a grand gateway for shopping at Surat to get the best designer stores under one roof to enrich your lifestyle. It is not just a mall but a place for entertainment, dinning, movie-theatre and much more. Get ready to pack your bags and plan your picnic with Amaazia. So, book your tickets to Amaazia water-park and let your mind feel the mythical bliss, unforeseeable twists, tingle inducing jumps, and unbeatable speeds.

So get ready to pack your bags and plan your picnic with Amaazia.