Anytime Weekend Gateway Amaazia Water Park and Amusement Park


The Amaazia Water-Park situated in the vicinity of Surat is a perfect holiday place to spend vacations with your family. Be it a one-day picnic tour with friends or an outing with your group, the place has something for every kind of visitors. If you are looking for a weekend gateway that will be full of fun for every age group then this is the Water-Park one must visit. The land is spread over 16 acres in Surat, designed by the creators of Sea World (Canada), Warner Brother Movie Studio (Australia) and many more, The Sander son Group. Plan one day picnic spot at Amaazia Water Park with your guest and have fun with them.


The Water-Park lovers can't get enough of the amazing adventures and thriller water rides at Amaazia Water-Park. It is gigantic but once you discover your choice of rides where they are located it's easy to navigate around to your favorite spots. The Carnival Beach area that is suitable for all ages and so is a great starting point as kids of all ages and the young at heart can enjoy together. Recently, the aqua park concert was also organized at the Carnival Beach which was amazing. For all the other rides and areas, there are age and height restrictions based on the type of rides.


One day trip at Amaazia Water-Park can leave you exhausted from all the walking, adventures rides, fun rides and screaming it to the top of the sky. If you plan on making a weekend gateway at the Water-Park then it is more preferable to stay at Cabana and book your room in advance as weekends are usually packed. So, you can relax at Cabana one day before and have a comfortable overnight stay with the beautiful sight of Water-Park. The next day you will feel refresh and energized to enjoy the full day at Water-Park. To make your weekend gateway at Amusement Park more enjoyable:

  • Wear your comfortable Lycra t-shirt and pants over your swimsuit so that you can enjoy freely whole day. As you are going to be soaking in the rain mist and other water rides all around the water-park so clothes must be easy going.

  • As it is weekend place so you have two days to plan and most of the rides open after ten in the morning so one can have blissful time poolside.

  • Don’t carry too much luggage with you and if you do carry then there is locker system available which will keep your things safe and secured.


Adventurous rides are the most thriller ones as they are above 4 feet height so carve out the fear in you and challenge your group to build up more excitement. Fun rides at Water-Park are specially designed for children above 7 years or more and before every ride, they will check your height so that you feel comfortable and enjoy to the fullest. This Water-Park has also kept in mind about toddlers fun so they have creatively designed Pool pond for them. The Water-Park is crafted so beautifully that once you step inside it will definitely make you feel like a dream world. All the animals and birds carving looks so realistic that it will enhance your pictures and make you look photogenic. There is also the area of Restaurant so check out some mouth-watering food to make your stomach happy. Everything is arranged systematically so that your holidays are well spent and becomes the best memory of your life.

Spread over 16 acres of land, Amaazia water-park has the most modern and exciting water rides that are fun for the whole family. This picnic spot boasts of a lavish wave pool, rain dance, slides, and various other fun activities, including the shopping and a delicious food at cafe that’s available all day. With a location that’s close to the Surat city that offers stunning views, this is perfect for the 1-day tour to explore with your family and friends. No other Water-park can be the best weekend getaway as it is one of the completely iconic and the world of dreamland. The water park have a dazzling number of rides. This is one of those places that you have to visit more often.What more could you want from a water park that offers entertainment, fun, adventure, and dining – all at a single location? Head here for some splashing fun.

The festive season has started, Amaazia Water-Park comes up with different offers and discounts so get privileged to avail all the benefits along with unlimited enjoyment. So one must plan their weekend gateway at Amaazia Water-Park and Amusement Park with your family to re-energize yourself for the coming days.