Five things to do at Amaazia Water Park


Spending the day at a Water-Park is the ultimate way to cool down, get some quality time with your family and have lots of fun. The sounds of splashing waters, screams of delight and signs of relaxation. The great thing about visiting the Water-Park is that one does not have to carry too many things along-with him and still can enjoy to the fullest. Amaazia Water-Park has wide-range of activities to offer which is quite interesting and has something or the other for every age group.


A great place to take your family on one day picnic spot with guest to check out their most adventurous rides, fun rides, specially designed rides for small kids and much more to explore beyond this. Firstly, there is a rain mist area which has uniquely created dance floor that will give you a multi-sensorial experience, with 10,000 watts of heart stopping hi-fidelity sound, Psychedelic laser lights, and amazingly choreographed showers of warm water that soak you in absolute dance-bliss! It has capacity to accommodate the guest approximately 500 in one show.


There is a Carnival Beach Water ride which will take you to entirely different world and leave you speechless by trying it once. The carnival takes you to the roaring seas with high tides and low waves. These waves will turn the pool into an ocean of fun for swimmers. Then head on to roaring seas with high and low tides at the Carnival Beach and show your swimming skills. Amazing Amaazia is the perfect one day picnic spot to check out their Carnival Beach water ride.


The best and the most attractive point of this Water-Park is that there are rides for small kids also keeping in mind that why adults have all the fun? Small kids are the ones who are most excited to find their interest of things or activities where they can have fun at. At this Water-Park they have area called Ponds of Life where children can have a good time with the little loopy loops and the gliding slides especially made for them. Parents can come in a group with their small children's or even can organize their birthday parties and have a wonderful one day tour at Amaazia Water-Park.

Loaded with high voltage rides and outstanding fun, Amaazia at Surat is one of the best water parks in Gujarat. A complete fun and entertainment zone, Amaazia is very popular among children and young adults as it offers a variety suited for both. It has fun and toddler rides, high thrill rides, and amazing spots to make your 1-day trip most memorable.
For those looking to stay bit longer and enjoy this tropical paradise at Water-Park then they have exclusively spacious place called Cabana where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful sight of Water-Park from rooms. It is an ideal place to take nap and re-energize yourself to enjoy all the activities in other half of the day. As this Water-Park is crafted with lot of vibrant colors, artificially embossed statues of animals and birds which will enhance your photo by giving natural touch to it. Get the best capture of your memory with the ride you tried at this Water-Park. Also, there are range of products including key rings, caps, t-shirts and many more to take home along with you and cherish this memory for life-time.
Beyond this Amaazia is also coming soon with Theme Park which India’s number one theme park associated with Cartoon Network and Retail mall which is one stop family destination for shopping and entertainment.