Let your holidays be fun at Amaazia waterpark

Summer is here, and so are the ever pleasing summer holidays. Students all across the country are finally relieved of continuous exams, assignments, quizzes, projects and many other tedious tasks. It is one of the most fussed time of the year in terms of travel and tourism. And given the long break, students are all excited to visit their own favorite destinations.
Some will travel to lush green hill stations, some will visit the sea to experience calmness, and some will go to their maternal or paternal homes to team up with their cousins and siblings. The textbooks have been replaced with travel magazines, online tutorials have been overpowered by "top ten places to visit in ..." kind of searches. And to add to all this, Amaazia Water Park has also arrived to change your definition of fun and adventure. Amaazia is all set to channel your energy into a joyous river of exhilaration.
Amaazia waterpark has come up with many unprecedented and new ways of fun, thrill, relief, and relaxation. Especially for the young students out there, its the place you don't want to miss out. With the eerie feeling in King Cobra to soaring height of Forest jump, Amaazia waterpark has a lot to offer. The waterpark hails a large number of diverse rides aimed at satiating all that your mind seeks. Each and every ride has a charm of its own and are designed to take you to the epitome of amazing experiences. Amaazia waterpark also provides many luring perks to school students and young groups. Many offers and coupons are available to make it light in their pocket. Apart from this, many group events are aimed at youngster to amplify the fun.
Amusement park

The rides in Amaazia Waterpark are USP of the waterpark. You will witness the most unique and smartly designed rides at Amaazia waterpark. These rides are guaranteed to provide you the thrill and joy you so dearly crave for. If you are the one who prefers thrill and adventure, then start with the mystifying ride of King Cobra. King Cobra ride provides a very unique view couple with many twists, turns, and surprises. Plus the indomitable view of Giant King Cobra makes this ride the most unique of them all. From thereon, you can enter the world of twists with the name Twister. With unpredictable twists and turn, this ride will make you doubt your forecasting powers. Just, let yourself be owned by the twists of Twister and be drowned in the feeling of thrill and adventure. 

When you are done with twists and turns, speed and height are the bound to be the next challenges you look for. So, head on to Forest Jump for an experience of a lifetime. Whether you love heights or not, Forest Jump is a must try ride for all. In this ride, you jump among the drizzles of water that will drench your body with fancy and joy. Your adrenaline ultimately races towards goosebumps and your heart and mind will be filled with jubilance.

After soaring in those hefty heights, it's time to experience the rattling speed and Kami Kaze is there for just that. Kami Kaze delivers the high speed 'wow' factor and features a slide path consisting of 'more than just one fall'.

Water Park

Now that your thirst for the thrill is more than capacitated, you can move on to the fun rides. Amaazia provides a large number of fun rides. You can try the Tribal Twist which takes you through multiple phases of traveling up and down in a seesaw and ending over a big bump into the splash pool. Windigo is another fun ride which you ought to try. It is as interesting as its name beginning with enclosed aqua-tube slides that transform into very high-speed multi-racer lanes. Wild raft and jungle boat will give you the feel of playing with rivers. Wild raft helps you savor the joy of rafting in a river and jungle boat will spin your brain in every direction geometrically possible. Thereafter, you can opt to go for Freefall and Blackhole which will change your perspective towards the concepts of physics. Freefall will make you feel the gravity in its full flourish and will let glide, slide, and dash to the end of the line to leave you little overjoyed. Blackhole, as the name suggests, takes you through an enchanted dark hole and transport you to a sunny and playful world. And you will keep craving for more and more of this ride. Then head on to roaring seas with high and low tides at the Carnival Beach and show your swimming skills. And then, let the Skyslider take you up to the heights to finally drop you down emphatically to incite those tinglings in your stomach. And add to that the feeling of riding among the rainbows which makes your ride even more magical.

After thrill and fun rides, comes the time for dancing your heart out. Rain mist is the place designed to see through your love for dance. High fidelity energizing music along with hundreds of others around you dancing like crazy will make you show your moves on the dance floor. Now, its time to relax and feed your belly, so move on to the restaurant and cafe section to try authentic and diverse cuisines. You finally visit the shopping section to collect souvenirs and purchase various interesting items.

Theme Park

Amaazia waterpark also provides many offers and coupons, among which many are aimed at youngsters. Come in a group of maximum fifty people, be it family groups, school groups, corporate groups, social groups, or educational institution groups, and you will be given exclusive offers from Amaazia. Many exclusive offers aimed at school and college students, in particular, are available at regular intervals.
Do check out Amaazia's offers, to never miss out on exclusive offers and coupons. These summer holidays, do visit Amaazia waterpark for a delightful experience.