Plan 1 day trip itinerary to Adventure Amaazia Water park


Plan and gear up for the most adventurous 1 day trip at Amaazia Water-park. Well, Surat is a lovely city with amazing outskirts and get lost in the paradise city of Gujarat. If you have 1 day to spend at Amaazia Water-park then with the help of this itinerary you can best enjoy at the park, with the strategy to avoid crowds and get a lot done, while also having the thorough look at the ambiance and the story behind its theme. If we had 1 day to enjoy then these are the attractions we would explore and create the memory of a lifetime through these amazing destination.


This itinerary offers you a balanced plan that you might be able to completely discover all the attractions in one day. We are providing a rough blueprint of our favorite things to do in an ideal day at Amaazia Water-park with low to moderate crowds and when you should try them for the best experience. In so doing, we strive to balance a pleasant day in the park with efficiency, rather than just racing from attractions to attractions.


If budget is no issue, we recommend staying at Cabana before your visit. If you only have to plan the 1 day tour at Water-Park your time is fairly limited and you won't be able to see it all if you arrive on the same day. It is better to at least staying at Cabana will keep you fresh and in a good position to utilize morning extra magic hours to see more. Plus, these Cabana have the great view for you to enjoy the stay and is budget friendly as well. Once you wake up, here's what to do…

If you only have 1-day for Water-Park your time is fairly limited and it is very clear that you won’t be able to explore the whole place. At least staying at one of the Cabana's puts you in a good position to utilize morning extra magic hours to see more. It is very important to make sure that you do proper research about the best time to visit in which month of the year. Always go through Water-Park to get hands on its offerings and discounts which can benefit you at the time of your visit.

Breakfast at Jungle Fiesta: The morning time should be kept smooth going as before the water-park opens you can complete with your breakfast. At Jungle Fiesta you will be served with delicious varieties which you can enjoy under one roof and target should be to visit Water-park starting from not so thriller rides so that you can utilize your energy in a balanced way. Amazing Amaazia is the perfect 1 day picnic spot.

Early Morning Attractions: The Carnival Beach-We always feel a sense of accomplishment by starting the morning at Carnival Beach, because there are so many short attractions here within close proximity to one another that can be quickly done. It's a good way to avoid this area in the middle of the day when it's chaotic. This beach will give you feeling of the roaring seas with high tides and low waves. These waves will turn the pool into an ocean which is fun for swimmers and perfect for the morning.

Late Morning Attractions: The thrill rides of Amaazia Water-Park is a world full of surprises. It is the best time to explore it like you we will be fresh and excitement increases with the thriller ones like King Cobra, Twister, Kamikaze and Forest Jump.

King Cobra

A glance at the ride will make you recall those giant mythical snakes we hear in stories or watch in mythological movies.


This ride starts with enclosed twister slides. And then it transforms into high-speed multi racer lanes to accentuate the thrill.


You will soar in heights filled with adventurous ride and thriller ride.


The kamikaze ride is designed to create the high speed wow factor.

 Lunch Time: One of our absolute favorite Restaurant and Cafe has Buffet-aria. It has an everyday delicious menu to serve you which will completely satisfy your taste buds. After a lot of nervousness and adventures if you get lunch that will leave you filled or craving for more then it can be icing on the cake. After you are done eating, take a few minutes to relax at your Cabana.

 Afternoon Relax mode: Relaxing at Amaazia Cabana after lunch is the best feeling. A small nap will definitely make you feel fresh after having an awesome morning time with thriller rides. At Cabana, you could share about your morning experiences and which ride was the most exciting one?
 Afternoon Attractions: Fun rides- one can now explore the fun ride area. This area will be full of fun and enjoyment for children as for adults. There are Tribal Twist, Windigo, Wild Raft, Jungle Boat, Free-fall and Black-hole. This rides also adds the slight twist that you can discover only once you try. This fun ride will take you back to memory lane, with a tinge of water-park rides twist. Now, it’s a party time! Then in the last, you could go to the Rain Mist as it is a dance floor with all the disco lights and music to free yourself and groove on the beat to rock the world.
Evening Attractions: After all the thriller and fun rides of Amaazia, its time to go shopping. As there are different shops offering various stuff which you can buy from there and take home as a memory of Water-park. Then you can go to clicking photographs which are designed specially to click pictures with your friends and family. It has all the themed animals and birds embossed and crafted beautifully that will give you perfect picture.

Dinner Time: Hungry Birds at Restaurant and Cafe is best for dinner time. As it is an open terrace place where you can also sight the heights of the rides and eat the delicious food after all day tiredness.

After the Water-Park gets closed its up-to individual that they prefer to stay overnight or could leave the Water-Park to continue with the routine day itself by the next day. So, make your 1-day trip with the help of this itinerary at Amaazia Water-Park an amazing experience of a lifetime.