Thrill Rides At Amaazia Waterpark You Cannot Miss

We humans are driven by a desire of thrill. Thrill may not be our basic need, but it’s something that our mind dearly craves for. It rejuvenates us, it takes us to the limits. The desire for the thrill is not just a jump of impulse, rather it’s the embodiment of what we are from deep within. It is quite ironical that we often seek peace and tranquillity in the dynamics of thrill.
It excites our mind to take refuge from dogmatic views of safety and precautions, and do something that stirs us, something that takes us out of our comfort zones. Many aspects of human mind are inexplicable, and this desire for delusion strongly supports this theory. It is always looking to render itself to uncertainties. It is something that drives us that has manifested itself as a crucial trait of modern day humans.


What is it about the thrill that harnesses so much attention of humankind?

Maybe the feeling of your veins racing with every step, or maybe the feeling of the world going past. Maybe, this knack for taking risk is what enthralls us to go for it. Like some wise men truly said, not taking risk is the biggest risk. When we take such decisions, we let go of so many things that inhibit our mind. When we are ready to outclass our previous self and reach a whole new level. This is when we explore ourselves when we realize our potential. This spirit of ours has something to do with our inner self, which always strives to be free and unbounded. You may term it as the bohemian spirit that lies deep within everyone. But it does help us look at life from a fresh perspective.


Amaazia Waterpark Brings Forth Several Thrill Rides For An Enchanting Experience


King Cobra :

King Cobra ride, as the name suggests, is a ride designed in the form of a giant cobra snake. A glance at the ride will make you recall those giant mythical snakes we hear in stories or watch in mythological movies. Because of its sheer design, the ride is able to create a spooky feel which further instigates the sense of adventure. The ride features single or two double tubes which race through the circular path full of twists, turns, and surprises.

Twister :

You can also try Twister ride, which is an inhabitation of twists. Ridden using a headfirst mat, this ride will compel you to surrender to the uncertainties. You will come across exuberant bumps and turns. You will experience multiple accelerations throughout the ride. This ride will challenge your skills of estimation. Soon enough, your mind will stop prediction on what is about to come, rather it will commit to the moment. This ride starts with enclosed twister slides. And then it transforms into high speed multi racer lanes to accentuate the thrill.

Forest Jump :

Forest jump is another must visit ride that will rejoice and rejuvenate you. You will soar in heights filled with adventure and thrill. This ride is designed to let the riders feel the excitement of jump with a touch of waterpark’s rides to it. It feels like the moment when fun meets adventure and courage meets delight.

Kami Kaze :

Experience the vigorous speed at Kami Kaze ride, which will let you experience the speed in its full ardour. No matter how many technologies we may come up with to experience greater speeds, nothing can beat the feeling when our body experiences it devoid of any device around. This is the feeling when we experience our mind and heart racing into the oblivion. At this point, we forget about all the worldliness. At this point exactly, the world will not feel mundane anymore. This ride is designed to create the high speed wow factor. 


So, book your tickets to Amaazia waterpark and let your mind feel the mythical bliss, unforeseeable twists, tingle inducing jumps, and unbeatable speeds.