Top Fun Rides To Cheer You Up At Amaazia Waterpark


Fun is probably the most relished verb in today’s world. In a world which is constantly in a rhetoric race, fun and joy is dissembled into our inexpedient desires. Gone are the days when the world was filled with effervescence, the playgrounds used to echo with the laughter of children.

It seems as if the happiness has been dissipated from the everywhere. But, fun is something that our mind longs for. It, in fact, is indispensable for a healthy mind. So, for a tryst with delight, we humans often resort to various activities, which help us escape from this weary world.

We tend to go for long drives, sports activities, and fun worlds and so on. Fun is more than just laughter and a pumped up feeling. It forms the basic essence of our life. It makes our life worth living. Moreover, fun is like a panacea to our mind, it is a therapy that can cure us of all pain. The true pleasure lies in letting your body flow at fallible speeds which lets us feel the oblivion. Feelings like these exonerate us of all the worries. We feel tranquilized and enamored. These feelings are our refuge from the monotonicity inflicted by life. So, say no to mundanity and let your mind and soul find serenity in joy.

Amaazia Waterpark is a dwelling place of fun and brings to you a large number of fun rides.

Tribal Twist :

tribal twist

We bring you Tribal Twist, a shimmering jewel in the haven of joy. This ride is a consonance of vintage seesaw and water. This ride will take you back to memory lane, with a tinge of waterpark twist. This ride can be thought of as a huge water seesaw. It will take first take you very high up to eventually drop you down. And this process will repeat itself in the classic periodic motion. Then you will experience a big bump and in no time you will find yourself feeling elated and rejoiced in a splash pool.

Windigo :


You should definitely try Windigo ride where a sanctified blend of speed and fun is forged. It is ridden headfirst to let your body absorb the pace you are about to encounter. The feelings proliferated in this ride are bound to exceed all your expectations. This ride will amaze and leave you mesmerized. It is an upbeat ride beginning with enclosed aqua tube slides. These slides then transform into high speed multi racer lanes where you will experience the torrid velocities.

Wild Raft :

wild raft

Wild raft ride is the ideal ride for you to get soaked in the joy of rafting. The ride features a lazy river that complements your desires. You can relax and draft in the currents of the river. You will also be taken to a magical aquatic world, reminding you of the fairy tales. You will feel like gliding in a whole new world of dreams. The same world for which ballads are sung by the minstrels.

Jungle Boat :

Jungle Boat

Jungle Boat ride of Amaazia waterpark will take your experience of spinning to a whole new level. This ride is a maestro of spin. This ride features spin in a huge bowl. It will take you round and round till eternity leaving you with a fleeting feeling. You will experience the world in turbulence.

Free Fall :

Free Fall

Amaazia waterpark lets you feel the natural gravity at Free Fall ride. This ride will command you towards free fall and lets you lose your power of abstinence. You can glide, slide and dash to the end of the line in this ride. You will find streams of cold water as your fun companion throughout this ride. This ride will invigorate your mind and soul. You will have a little overjoyed sensation which will be apparent in your joyous laughter. And who knows, you may even fall in love with physics.

Black Hole :

Black Hole

Black hole ride will take you to a whole new world of uncertainty which will eventually turn into a world of exquisite charm and joy. It is a black and white ride that will take you through an enchanted dark hole and then transport you to a sunny and playful world. The contrasting experiences will leave you mesmerized.

Carnival Beach :

Carnival Beach

The Carnival Beach is another ride that should definitely be on your priority list. In this ride, you will experience the roaring sea with high tides and low waves. These waves will turn the pool into an ocean full of swimmers.

Sky Slider :

Sky Slider

Then the Sky Slider ride will take up into the skies and then drop you down to set those butterflies in your stomach in motion. It will make you feel like riding into a valley of rainbows to leave you awestruck.

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Embark upon a journey full of fun and surprises by visiting Amaazia waterpark to enjoy these amazing rides.