Why Amaazia

Gujarat has a lot to offer because of its most spectacular allure - which includes breathtaking locations and scenic landscapes. Surat is the first major city en route to Gujarat from Mumbai and makes a good base to explore southern Gujarat. Situated on the south bank of the Tapi River, about 14 km from the sea, Surat has always attracted traders and merchants from afar. In addition to it, in the 21st century, it is not only known for Textile but also for its different attractions to escape during the weekend.                                                                      
                                            “Step into a world filled with excitement and adventure”

One such fantasy land which is the talk of the town and where stories, not only come alive but stay alive. The loudest, craziest, and the most
amazing part of Surat city is spread over sixteen acres of land and is a great place to go to for a one-day picnic resort. From serene to extreme, there's an experience for everyone at Amaazia. One of the best Water parks in India has many reasons to take a break from your stressful life and spend some quality time with family and friends. Explore the tidal wave of fun to a tropical paradise, experience the thrill of adventurous rides like Forest Jump, KamiKaze, Twister and various entertainment stuff under one single roof. This simply is not just a water-park, but a world of captivating charm.  Amazon Jungle Themed based Waterpark which has various animals and birds attractions, vibrant area design, landscaping, themed dining and shopping area, live music, building facades, but instill a feeling of the dream world in the park. This enchanting beauty is what separates from all other parks in Gujarat, making it on par with the best parks around the world. You have that bring thrills, rides that will make you scream at the top of your lungs, and rides that zip, zap, and zoom. Those looking for something less exciting can enjoy the fun rides at the Amaazia Water Park. Featuring water slides, a rain mist area, this place everything that a water lover wants to explore and have a good time. People who don’t want to go out of Surat for them this adventure park is the best place to explore.

Top 10 reasons one must plan to visit Amaazia Water Park

1. One place. Infinite Experiences.
2. Carnival Beach will give you a feel of the beach in your own city. Isn’t it enough to visit this amazing place?
3. Even toddlers will have their separate pond to enjoy the splash.
4. Security and safety are the topmost priority. They have an RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) Locker system so that you don’t have to worry about things being misplaced or lost.
5. Aqua shoes are also provided to get into the character of a complete water park mood and take back home in the form of a souvenir from Amaazia Water park.
6. People can easily visit our attractions due to the cashless point system so that you can recharge it and don’t need to dig out a wallet or return back to the locker.
7. King Cobra is a gorgeous water slide that offers one of the most thrilling and intense riding experiences and awarded the best water coaster ride by IAAPI in 2017.
8. Trip Advisor has also rewarded with the certificate of excellence in 2019.
9. Amaazia Cabana is where you can relax, calm your senses, enjoy the beautiful surrounding of the city and a top view of the rides at the same time.
10. Mouthwatering food is served at our restaurant and cafe which is named as After Taste, Hungry Birds, Jungle Fiesta, etc. where you can satisfy your taste-buds.

Amaazia Water park is the perfect venue for Corporate discounts, Family discounts, school picnics, discounts for board students, etc. It is also can be one of the magical destinations for a pre-wedding photo shoot, birthday parties, etc. There's something interesting here for every family - a new experience at every step, and a thousand ways to have fun.